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April Pug goes all out this Halloween with her brother Sir Eddie. What did they decide to wear? Well, you must see it to believe it and know you will all love it too! Happy Halloween!!!


April Pug and Sir Eddie loved getting to dress up and be Easter bunnies for the day. They were absolutely adorable! Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy 17th Birthday Adorable April Pug


Adorable April Pug turns 17 years old and has lots of birthday fun! Pictures and videos document this amazing milestone for April Pug as this is a birthday to cherish forever!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! April Pug and Sir Eddie have tons of fun dressing in green and giving the cutest expressions you can imagine for this special day. I cannot think of anything more adorable. Definitely a must see!

Merry April Pug Christmas And Happy Holidays!


Merry Pug Christmas!! April Pug wishes you all a happy holiday season and just had to spread holiday cheer with a Christmas Photo-shoot! We hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

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