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A Great Day For A Pug Bath!

April ready for bath

April the pug gets a bath!

I have been meaning to give April a bath for the past week but have not had the chance. Today was finally the day where I could give her a bath and spend the rest of the day with her.

It was one of your typical days, I had to wake up early, take April out along with her bro Eddie with Daddy, then run out the door. She was a good girl and did all her duty outside (Yey for no early morning bed cleanup)! I then let her go back to sleep until I got back home.

As I arrived she was actually still sleeping on the floor (I love coming home and sneaking up on her while in this state). I just tap on her little head and she awakes with that little smooched face grin. It is too cute!

After she was up for a little bit it was bath time! An ear cleaning always comes first, then Rub-a-dub-dub April goes in the tub. I captured these adorable pictures of her while taking her bath along with a video.

I hope you enjoy April and her bath time!

Time for my bath! Okay I’m ready for it!!
April before bath

All sudsy!
Sudsy April

Is that how I get out of here?
soap April

So fresh and so clean clean! Okay I’m done, help me out Mom!!
April done bath

This towel feels nice!
April bath towel

I was cold so Mommy put a sweater on.
April bath sweater

Bath time makes me sleepy, nap time!
april bath sleep

Barking out!

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