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Adorable April Pug Bunny Celebrates Easter With Sir Eddie


Happy Easter with April Pug and Sir Eddie.

Adorable April Pug celebrates Easter with her bro Sir Eddie and family as a pug bunny! Sir Eddie decided to be the one and only Chirabbit and I think he did a great job, don’t you think?

April Pug has had a very happy celebratory fun filled weekend as she just had her 17th birthday on Friday, and mustered up as much energy as she could for this photo shoot.

These bunnies and chicks are just too cute and I could hardly stop taking pictures. I took a lot of photos, and picked my favorite top 8 photo’s to share. (Trust me, this was a difficult task but I did it!) I hope you all enjoy these photo’s of my loves and have a wonderful Easter!

The mystical, the magical, pink pug bunny!


The one and only Chirabbit!


Now that is one hot chick!


Dreaming about all of those yummy eggs I will soon be indulging in!


I am stuffed from all this celebrating, I think I’ll take a nap right here!


I so happy being a Chirabbit… Aren’t I cute?


Happy Easter!!!


Throwback to Easter 2014. (Its amazing how a year ago they still look the same!) <3

Happy Easter 2015!!!

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