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April Becomes A Pug Bunny For Easter!

april pug easter

April pug celebrates Easter.

Today April the pug got to dress up as a pug bunny during her Easter shoot. The day started off just like any other, the animals did their morning duty outside, and we got ready for the day. We had some errands that we had to attend to so the pups got to get their beauty rest and prepare for April’s Easter shoot.

We had a nice Easter lunch and brought home some leftovers (I haven’t gotten into them yet but I am sure when I do the dogs eyes will light up and get a tiny bit)!

Anyways, after we got everything done, I set up the room to shoot April and this is what I got! I wanted to shoot her earlier in the day but it was just way too hot for it. Even during her shoot we were both pretty hot but we managed to get through it. April was a great little pug and she is now back to being herself (sleeping and snoring). I think she deserves it and I hope you love the pictures that I got. Happy Easter everyone and hope you all have had a fantastic day so far and lots of pug bunny fun!

Which picture is your favorite? I am having trouble trying to decide, but either way I think April could be anything she wanted and look completely adorable.

april pug easter

april pug bunny

april pug easter basket

april pug chick

april pug grass

april pug brother

april pug brother picture

april pug silly bunny

April was very anxious during her shoot as it was almost time for dinner. Luckily I was able to get these photo’s before she got too restless. Happy Easter once again and be sure to check back for more fun and of course April pug!

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