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April Pug Could Not Choose Just One Halloween Outfit With Sir Eddie. The Choices They Made Are Priceless!


Happy Halloween from April Pug with brother Sir Eddie!!

April Pug could not decide what costume she wanted to wear for Halloween this year. She thought about being a clown, but then realized she did not have any components of the costume, plus she remembered that she was scared of clowns so that was definitely a no go! Hmm, maybe a Tigger pug or a Bumblepug? Oh yikes, she just remembered that was some of her Halloween costumes from last year, and as they say, you cannot rotate costumes or you could become a repeat costume offender! April Pug thought real hard about what she wanted to be and finally it clicked. She saw the perfect costume and new that it was fate. Once you see what April Pug chose you will understand why she chose the costume she did.

Oh wait, she was a little bit torn between costumes and since she was a good senior pug (as always!), we gave in and got a few for her to enjoy.

Don’t think we forgot about Sir Eddie though one bit! Eddie went with us to the store and he new exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween. He went right for his costume with no hesitation and we knew it was perfect. Funny enough, he would love to wear his costume all year round, but we explained its a bit hot here in Arizona so for a few months… sure you can be our caped crusader. 😉

Alright, enough of April Pug and Sir Eddie deciding on their costumes.. and now, here they are in their Halloween get ups and looking oh so adorable!!

We hope you love their choices for Halloween as we do and hope you all have a fun and safe day too!!!

Happy Howloween!!


I am what nightmares are made of.. Part ghost, part witch, and an adorable Senior PUG!!! Be afraid, be very afraid! 😉

My eyes hypnotize and mesmerize you.. Sir Eddie the Wicked Witch!

Pug Life say whaaaaatttt?!

One sleepy Batdog coming right up! This BatMinChi is taking a break from crime fighting, well at least for tonight.

The rare and ever so adorable Tricerapug stopped by in all its glory and we were able to capture it! Now where it the lettuce to feed this fragile creature?!

I am Batdog here to save you, oh wait treats? Well I am here to save you once I get to eat cause hero’s need to eat too right?!!!

April Pug was being way too thug while enjoying Pug Life and Sir Eddie aka Batdog had way too many snackies and needed to rest. Lights out for these two, but they will be back again soon to save the world and enjoy yummy treats!

April Pug hopes you all enjoyed her Halloween outfits along with brother Sir Eddie! They both had a blast and cannot believe how fast the day is going by already!! Soon enough it will be Christmas which means even more treats and fun costumes to dress up in.

Wait, did someone say treats?

April Pug along with Brother Sir Eddie and family wish you all a fun and safe holiday and hope you all have an awesome Halloween!!!

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