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April Pug Gets Diaper Duty

april pug dog diaper

The gloves are off and the diapers are on!

I never thought April would be one of those dogs in diapers, well think again. The time has come where she can no longer hold her bladder very well and accidents are happening way too often. This whole subject of April in diapers has been happening on and off for a while but now it has come to the point where it is happening almost every day. We take her out as much as we can and bring her inside and poof..the accident is there and ready for cleanup!

I wanted to keep the whole ‘potty inside’ thing to just our family for awhile, and well, you all are family too! Once it has gotten to diaper duty status it is now time to share with all of you what is going on. Most of you have been there since the beginning of April’s 15th birthday, and those who are new or just joining the April brigade, Welcome!

So April has slowly been leaving us ‘gifts’ on the floor from time to time and never thought much of it. Accidents happen right? Well the last couple of weeks we have seen a decline in April being able to hold her bowels no matter how many times she is taken out. It has gotten to the point that in order to keep up with April and keep the floor safe, the next step was diapers!

We went to our local pet store and was really trying to get the washable diaper covers with the liners and sadly they were all out of the liners. I even asked if they had more and was told that multiple people like myself had already asked all throughout the day. Hmm.. is it a diaper epidemic or are there just a lot of senior dogs in my area? I thought they would be full of them but I guess this is more common in dogs these days then I thought.

Since I could not get the liners I still decided to get the washable diaper dog covers and buy the disposable ones for now. I have ordered the liners online since it seems that would be a better bet to make sure we get them soon.

When we got home we took the dogs out as usual and it was time to try on the diapers. They fit April pretty well, and have been doing the jobs great! We no longer have to worry about turning our backs and stepping in, well you know what! The happiest thing of all is that April acts as if nothing has changed. She does not mind the diapers and I am so glad to still see her so happy. I took some photo’s and a video that you will see below how she acts the same and even will ignore a food bowl to watch me type.

Her happiness is my everything. Just seeing her comfort and acceptance of a diaper is so comforting. When her liners arrive I cannot wait to put on the washable more ‘stylish’ diapers. I will be sure to post up those photo’s as well.

For now April is a happy healthy pug in diapers and that’s all I ever want for her. Thank you all for listening and enjoy the photo’s and video below.

  • Katie July 23, 2014, 2:26 pm

    Thank you for loving your girl so much!

  • rozana noriega July 23, 2014, 1:21 pm

    She looks so adorable on her diapers

  • Uschi July 22, 2014, 10:36 pm

    Thank you for caring so much about April so many doggies would be PTS because of the problem not more be able to control her bladder / bowls as she did before 🙁
    Oldies rock and she looks so happy 🙂

  • Tommie Ealy July 22, 2014, 5:54 pm

    The diaper is a blessing. My 16 yr old pug, Earl, had been in a band for over 2 yrs. We actually used human incontinence pads in his band. We didn’t have the issue with the “presents” though, so never got into the full diaper.
    April will do fine in her diaper. And will definitely be happy.

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