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April Turns Sweet 16!

pug cutie

April pug’s sweet 16!

I cannot believe that April is already 16 years old. I am so happy that she has made it this far and I hope for many more years to come.

April’s birthday begun with the usual morning potty break then a bit of sleep. Luckily I didn’t have to work today so I got to spend the entire day with my birthday pug! April was a sleepy girl so we napped for a bit of the day. When April was ready I did a photoshoot with her as she was all dressed up and opened her gifts.

After that, it was time to blow out the candles as she did in a yummy frosty treat. She really enjoyed it as it was a bit warm today and it was the perfect treat! April literally licked her treat clean. I was worried that she might not like it cause she’s never had it before and was so happy that she dug right in.

So what did April get for her birthday? Well she got lots of things that she wanted and needed! The photo’s show it all below. I hope you enjoy her day as much as I do!

Happy birthday to me!!!
april birthday

How’s you like me birthday hat?
birthday pug

Pretty in pink!
april pug close up

Wow look at all the gifts I got! Hmm, what to open first?!
april pug gifts

I smell something good!! Ahh what could it be?
april pug sniff

I got all my gifts open, the yummy smell was the piggy ear!
april pug open gifts

Let me bask in my gifts, ahh!! 
april pug gifts

I tried on one of my gifts. Love it mommy!
april pug outfit

I feel like Minnie Mouse!
april pug close up

Aren’t I so cute? Well I think so! 😉
april pug ears up

My brand new collar and tag!
april pug collar

Thank you Pugs and Kisses for the wonderful hat and card!! <3
april pugs and kisses

Hmm what should I wish for? 😉
april pug candles

I get a birthday treat!

Barking out!

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