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April’s Bath Day Pampering

april pug cute costume

It is bath day for April pug!

April was in need of a bath and today was that day for her to be pampered! We started out in the bath with her soothing Oatmeal shampoo and used her Kong Zoom Groom brush for a nice pug massage. Most people don’t like to talk about what you have to do with their backside, the ‘you know what’, but April is always a good girl and lets me express her anal glands no problem. If this is too much for some of you, well sorry about that, but it is the truth and must be done with each bath so that there are no other issues moving forward.

After the bath April got a nice dry with a towel and proceeded to then run crazy all around the house. You would never think that she is a senior as she gets so happy after a bath. She ran around and barked for awhile until I put on her nice warm after bath outfit. It takes her a while to get dry because of her coat and did not want her to be cold. If I did not put this on her she used to shiver and there is no way I’m letting that happen ever again!

She is now in her pug mouse outfit and feeling so fresh and so clean. This outfit is a microfiber material that acts as a towel and keeps April nice and warm.

Not only did April get a nice bath today, she also got a nail trim, under nose cleaning, and ear cleaning. None of these were bad at all as I cut and clean them all the time. Now doesn’t that sound like a pampered pooch?

Below are some of the photo’s that I took during her bath, as well as a few videos documenting the events. April and myself hope you all enjoy and have a fantastic day!

  • sue wooding September 25, 2014, 7:50 am

    April you are so precious such a happy girl sending you lots of puggy hugs

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