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April’s Story

Who is April Pug?

april pug puppy
April was born April 3rd, 1998 to a family in Northern California. She had 4 other brothers and sisters and actually was a twin. Her original name was Sissy and her twin was Sassy. I had always loved the flat faced breed, no matter what size; be it Boxer, Mastiff, Boston Terrier, and Pug, I knew that soon enough one of these were going to be my first pet. My family had two Schnauzers growing up and when the time came for them to have to go to the Rainbow Bridge, I know I just had to have my own.

I searched everywhere online to find the perfect pet for myself, but they were all too expensive. I thought my search was over when I found a family in Northern California that were selling pug puppies at a very low rate. I fell in love with the photo’s they had online and quickly got into contact. I was so lucky to find them and chose Sissy to be my first pug. I almost did not get her and would have gotten one of her brothers, but last minute the person backed out and Sissy became my pug.

We picked her up from a long road trip and it was definitely worth it. She was so tiny and could not believe that this girl was now mine to take care of for life. I have taken care of her ever since and am so grateful to have such a wonderful dog in my life.

I of course decided to change her name but could not think of something I felt was a good fit. Obviously she was born in April, and after going through the other names I had, I finally felt that the name April was perfect.

Throughout the years many things have changed as with any dog. As a puppy April used to do the ‘crazy run’ where she would get so excited and run all over the place I honestly thought she would never stop. She also used to do the pug head tilt like no other. She would bark at mirrors, pull my hair if I laid on the ground, chew on toys and bones, and was super picky on what she would eat.

april pug chew

As a pug you would think they would eat anything right? Well April was different when it came to food. She would not eat any dog food no matter what it was and had to figure out something. From the day we got her at 8 weeks to about the age of about 13 she actually ate people food. I had to hand cut turkey, roast beef, a little bit of cheese, and a slice from her Natural Balance roll (the only actual ‘dog food’ she would go for). I hated having to do this because I wanted to make sure she got proper nutrition and knew one day I had to ween her off people food.

Oh and did I mention how crazy she was with her nails? I do not know what it is about pugs and their nails, but April followed suit and went monster on me when I tried to cut her nails. The simple act of just touching her feet she would try and bite me. I wouldn’t even have clippers and she was on the attack. She’d squirm as if getting her nails trimmed was the end of the world and bite me anywhere she could (don’t be fooled by those little pug teeth, those things are razor sharp and hurt pretty bad).

It seems as though all of these things happened yesterday. Life goes by so fast and it is so hard to imagine that at the age of 10 years old, this pug April came into my life and changed it forever.

april pug hugs

We have gone through so much growing up together as April has now reached the age of 16 years old. I am so fortunate and wish she could live on forever!

April has changed so much becoming a senior pug. She has lost all interest in toys and has not done the pug head tilt in many years. She does however now eat actual dog food (so thankful!!) and lets me cut her nails like it is nothing. She also has to wear diapers from time to time as it is getting harder and harder for her to hold her bowels. We live on a second story and has to be carried up and down the stairs every time we go outside (which I don’t mind at all because I love holding her). This is due to keeping her safe and also because her back legs go out from time to time.

She sleeps a lot, must know where I am at all times, and follows me everywhere. She is forever my baby and love that I got the opportunity to enhance my life with her.

april pug grass

So what’s April’s typical day usually look like?

In the word’s of April:

I like to take about 10 minutes waking up every morning. Mom will tap on me and try and pick me up but I will plop right back down until I just ‘have’ to get up. As I slowly awake she picks me up and carries me down the stairs and I will sprint to the grass. She will pick me up again once I’ve done my duty and carry me right back up the stairs. Depending on what time it is I will get my dinner as I bark at mom expressing how I want my food!!! Of course if she is eating I must sit and stare at her with my bowl beside myself. After dinner I usually follow mom everywhere for hours on end and then back to sleep. Oh and did I mention she puts this strange rectangle thing in my face ALL THE TIME! Is it food, will treats magically pop out, what is this thing? Sometimes I play nice and look right at it, but most of the time I look away just for the fun of it. We’ll go outside a couple more times, get lots of hugs and kisses, then mom goes to work. I would tell you what I do when mom’s gone, but I’ll keep that a secret! ;). She’ll return home then back to me following her everywhere, potty breaks, some treats, an back to bed I go. I know I got the life, a family who will do everything for me and love me unconditionally no matter what. It may seem like a simple life, but hey I’m old and wouldn’t have it any other way!

april pug and me

April’s likes:

Hugs and Kisses

April’s dislikes:

Hot weather

You now all know the story of April Pug. If this is your first time finding us, I welcome you all. If you have been with us for awhile now, thank you for continuing to follow us and become a part of our lives! April is my world and am so fortunate to have her as well as share her life with all of her wonderful friends.

I will continue to share April’s life with you and want to thank all of her fans for being there for us! April sends her love to you along with snorts, barks, and lots of snores.

Love you all!

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