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Hard Time Finding A Halloween Costume? Why Not Be Your Favorite April Pug!!

pug mom halloween

Mom thought about what she wanted to be for Halloween this year, but it didn’t take her too long. She chose to be her favorite pug of all ME!! Check it out as you won’t be able to see the pug differences!

April Pug Shows Halloween Who Is Boss With These Frightfully Adorable Costume Ideas

unicorn pug

Its Howloween and April Pug went all out this year. With so many costumes to choose from, she had to just share them all with you. You will be amazed at what she came up with!

Pug Rides In Style In Her Brand New Pink Stroller

cute april pug dog

Not only does April pug get to ride in a pink car seat in the car, but now she gets to ride around in style in her very own pink stroller. April’s chariot awaits!

April’s Bath Day Pampering

april pug cute costume

April pug was in need of a bath and what better day then today to give her some pampering! You have got to see the pictures and videos, she is too cute and you would not even know she is a senior!

Pugs New Set Of Wheels!

april pug wheels

April pug got her new set of wheels in the mail today. A friend of ours was so nice to donate one that they had to us. Watch her as she takes her first steps.