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Pantyhose Dog Party Time

pantyhose and heels

Should they or shouldn’t they, that is the question. We’ve all seen dogs in pantyhose, but I think these dogs did it right!

Extreme Animal Hairstyles

dog hair cut train

Animals are always getting groomed. This time it looks like their owners went a little extreme. Well, did they?

Naturally Vibrant Natures Animals


Nature is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t have to add color like we do, it already has it’s own vibrant animals to fill in the picture.

Goat Said What?

smile goat

Goats are a very interesting animal. These goats really had something to say and we are glad that they did!

Dogs In The Wind

car wind dog

Dogs love to have the wind blown in their face. It is too hilarious, cause when it does the picture tells a thousand funny words!