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Forever Pug Friend-In Memory Of Myrtle Turtle


This is dedicated to our forever pug friend Myrtle Turtle. Her story is one that needed to be heard and shared and we hope her story touches you as it has us. We love you Myrtle Turtle and you will forever live on in our hearts!

Holly Pug Feature

holly pug dog

Have you met our featured friend Holly Pug? If you haven’t this is a pug story you must hear! Join us on getting to know the pug they call Holly.

Pug Chloe’s Story

Adorable Dress

Our featured friend Chloe is just too cute!! I remember the days of being a young pup and this girl definitely has it. Check out her story and love her just as we do!

Ginger Pug Story

ginger pug boat

Ginger pug is our featured friend of the week. She is too cute and her story is one to be heard. April loves her and we hope you love it too!

Story Of Monkie The Pug!

monkie adopt photo

Monkie’s story is one that needs to be heard! If you honestly do not get teary eyed I would be surprised. She has defied the odds and made her way into our hearts forever. This is the story of Monkie, the unwanted pug that found a loving home!