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Awesome Dancing Chihuahua

salsa chihuahua

Dance with this chihuahua and you could be a star too. He can teach us all a lesson in the art of salsa and just maybe we could look as good as him doing it.

Dogs Late Night Snack Cravings

ginger golden retriever snacks

Ginger the golden retriever is ready for a late night snack. What will she choose to satisfy her cravings?

Doberman Water Slide

underwater doberman

This doberman really brings me back to my childhood. Who wouldn’t want to play on a water slide over and over again?!

Animals Can Fit!

cute cat jar

These adorable cats and dogs don’t realize their size. Well, even if they do, they will do whatever they can to fit into the things they want. Will they be successful?

Bucket Bear Cub

bear cub bucket

This adorable little bear cub just wants to play. Will he make it into the bucket?