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Pugs All Dressed Up Winning At Halloween!

cute pug witch costume

These pugs are killing it with their Halloween costumes! Here is the proof that pugs are winning the award for best in Halloween wear.

Roll over pug!

pug upside down

Pugs right side up are adorable. Pugs upside down and we are in cuteness heaven. The way those rolls pull back their face is just priceless.

Pug Hates IPhone-Get Him An Android!

iphone pug

This pug is up against his arch nemesis, the dreaded iPhone! Don’t ever tell him that you own one or this might happen to you too!

I’ve Got My Eyes On You!

pug eyes

All pug eyes are not made equal. The way they look at you may be straightforward or sideways, either way we love them all and know you will too!

Pugs In Hats Melt Your Heart

pugs in hats

Pugs are adorable on their own. Now, lets put a hat on them and watch the magic happen!