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First Day Of Spring With April!

april outside

Spring is here!

April wondered why the weather seemed to nice today, then we found out it is the first day of spring. I wish I could of spent the whole day with her outside but sadly couldn’t. She did get to sleep in a lot though which I can tell that she enjoyed as I got home and she was comfortably sleeping on the bed. When she did get to go outside she rushed to the grass and had a fun time. I should of brought her doggles out, but it didn’t seem to bright to me (April’s little wince though tells another story).

I took these cute pictures of her while she soaked in the sun and stood in the grass. I kept clicking away and she just would not budge. That was okay cause now I have these wonderful spring photo’s to share with all of you’s! Not only did April enjoy being outside, but I also took a video of her eating a snack. I could not resist those little puggie eyes, so I gave her just a little piece. (Which of course she scarfed down in seconds).

I hope you all enjoy these photo’s and video of April today. Happy Springtime to you all!

squint april

look away april

smile april

april pug look

Time for yummy treats!

Barking out!

  • Maggie Pug from VA March 21, 2014, 4:27 pm

    April, you’re just so cute! Seeing your happy pictures and video made me smile. We love how much your Mommy loves you! Doggies are great blessings.

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