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Ginger Pug Story

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Ginger the pug is our featured friend!

We love our seniors just as much as we love the youngins. Ginger is a good friend of ours and we would love for you all to learn her story. Pugs are a breed that need a lot of love and attention, and Ginger sure gives us that. We hope you enjoy her story and will spread the love that all pets deserve!

We introduce you to Ginger:

Ginger was born on March 29, 1999. I have been her mom for her entire life.

She was born in Missouri at a breeder and I got her from a pet store in Libertyville, IL when she was 3 months old. (This was before I knew there were so many pug rescues that we could have adopted from…) In any case, when she came home with us she was 8 pounds and all head and googley eyes! I had grown up with dogs but never had a pug, my ex-husband once had a pug and that was how we ended up with Ginger!

Ginger was a fiesty puppy and stubborn! It took us three months to completely house train her and maybe it was me but I had heard that pugs could be difficult to train. Ginger slept in her crate at night and I would set my alarm to get up at midnight to take her outside to potty. The poor thing would just sit by the backdoor and cry to come back in. It was a long 3 months.

Ginger has always refused to wear sweaters, coats, boots, etc. In 2005 we went to the first annual Milwaukee Pug Fest and I got the bright idea to enter Ginger in the costume contest. She was a pug-boat – I made a cardboard “hull” that was supposed to rest on her back with string so when she walked, she would be “boating”. She would not sit “in” the boat unless we gave her treats nonstop. We lost the contest to a little girl pug dressed in a frilly pink and black gown as “My Fair Pug”. Never again did I try to dress Ginger up.

When Ginger was 7 she had bladder stones and had surgery to remove them. It turned out the stones were protein based so Ginger was put on a prescription dry dog food and got carrots for snacks. She is still on the same food today and loves her carrots! Other than this issue, Ginger has been very healthy. Like most older pugs, she has arthritis in her hips so she gets Glucosamine daily and we just started her on fish oil on the recommendation of her vet.

Ginger is not a fan of stairs due to her joint issues and this winter it was really tough to get her to go outside since it was below freezing and icy. She still won’t wear sweaters or boots and spends very little time outside in winter. She did have a couple accidents this winter – potty strikes – but I am chalking them up to the harsh weather we had.

Ginger has a ton of stuffed toys but her favorite is her hedgehog. She will play with him for about a minute and then she gets carrots. Any exercise has to be rewarded!

Ginger can’t see very well – probably only about 2-3 feet in front of her. She has been deaf for about 2 years as well. It was a sad day when we realized that she would not tilt her head when we talked to her anymore. But we still talk to her of course. She also has very few teeth left now. But she still gobbles her food and carrots, but she does leave carrot crumbs around the house which we have to point out to her to clean up.

Most days I work from home and Ginger spends the day sleeping (snoring) on a pile of blankets next to me. Sometimes she’ll bring her hedgehog to work and nap with it too. She is a very happy pug.

Ginger’s 5 favorite things:
Ear rubs
Begging for food
Barking at people when they leave

Top 5 Dislikes:
Nail trims
Wrinkle cleaning
Jax our Boxer neighbor
Cold weather

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We love Ginger and hope you feel the same! Seniors are a wonderful thing and for pugs it is a hard one to come by. This is a loved pug and we hope no matter what you own that an animal is as loved as Ginger!

Barking out!

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