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Holly Pug Feature

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Holly Pug will steal your heart!

I decided that I wanted to feature Holly as her story was just too amazing not to share. A pug that is so close to my own April’s age and knowing what she has gone through was to powerful to keep to myself. Join us in learning about the fighter Holly pug and if you don’t shed a tear I would be greatly surprised!

Straight from the words of Holly’s mother Frances, this is her story:

Holly is approximately 15 years old and I’ve been her pet guardian for over 10 years.

I got Holly through my groomer who did some work with Midwest Pug Rescue, but has also rescued many dogs on her own. Holly came from an awful puppy mill in Missouri, the puppy mill capitol of America. Some women were at the puppy mill one day to pick up a couple of dogs that the breeder said they could rescue. Holly had just given birth to a still born pup and was very sick. (Who knows how many litters she had before that…) The breeder was just going to “let her go” because she was so sick, but the breeder said the rescue team could take her, too. A very unhappy day for Holly turned in to a lucky one for her and for me.

Holly had another puppy inside her and was very sick. She also had a hernia and other problems that Annie, the groomer, nursed her through. When Holly was well, Annie suggested that Holly might be a good companion for my first pug, Cagney. Cagney and Holly had several happy years together — sleeping together, racing to the food bowl, exploring the backyard and taking walks together. After Cagney went to Rainbow Bridge, Holly got another companion, a younger pug named Bogie. Bogie remained the perpetual puppy and had a lot more energy than Holly, but, unfortunately his life was not a long one. Bogie has gone to Rainbow Bridge, too, as has Holly’s friend and sleeping companion Tang the cat. Holly is now an only child and has come out of her shell more now that she is not overshadowed by more active animals.

Holly has never been much of a player; she probably never learned to play, as she grew up in the puppy mill. She does love her “spa day” at the groomer’s and is cooperative with anything, as long as she is getting attention. She is equally cooperative at the vet’s office and when I want to dress her in one of her outfits.

Holly has arthritis and has pulmonary hypertension which was causing her to faint. It was a very scary time this Spring when Holly was fainting. It happened most frequently when she got excited at food or treat time. Then she was diagnosed and put on Viagra to help with the blood flow in her heart and lungs. She has not fainted once since starting on Viagra.

Holly loves laying in the sun and short walks when it is cool. She loves her food and treats and follows me wherever I go. She seems to like people, people with hands to pet her, more than other dogs. She always goes to up to other people when we walk and ignores the dogs that are also on walks even when they come up to greet her.

Holly is a happy girl and we are both happy to know there are others who appreciate older dogs.

Holly’s story is one of survival and proof that there are good people out there in the world. Her story has touched my heart so deeply and I hope you can all share her story with others as well.

Today is your day Holly, and I am so glad to be a part of it!

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