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I Got My Nails Done

april look

April pug nail trim.

It was time for April to get her nails done. I know pugs are notorious for hating the nail trim (trust me April used to be the same), but luckily in her senior years she finally gave up and allows me to do it without an issue. Let me tell you though, when she was a puppy and up until maybe 13 years she was crazy. She would fight me until no end, usually either biting my elbows or my hand and struggling until there was no tomorrow. Randomly one day she finally gave up and once I touched her paws she didn’t care anymore.

This was a day to remember. I literally thought that I would have to deal with the craziness until the end of time but it was like a switch went off in her brain and she didn’t care anymore. I hope you all get to experience this, as I never thought it would happen. If not I am always there to give advice on nail trimmings (it’s actually a favorite of mine to do)!

So today I set her up with the trimmers and dremel and it was time to go. She is so nice now that I can easily cut her nails without a problem, but sadly our dremel was out of steam (charging it now to later smooth down her nails). Her nails are now cut and will be all dremeled to smooth our the edges.

Here are some before and after pictures of April getting her nails done, along with a short video of her nail trim! Any questions of comments please feel free to ask!

Before my nail trim:
april nails before trim

After my nail trim:
april nails before

Check out my toes!
cute april

April’s quick nail trim beginner video:

Barking out!

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