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I’ve Got My Eyes On You!

pug eyes

Pugs have the cutest eyes.

Pugs are a breed where it seems like no eyes are the same. They can look at you from the left or the right or even at the same time. I honestly cannot think of another breed that gets the ‘crazy eyes’ or that it can be so different. It’s as if you never know what you are going to get with a pug. Will their eyes look at you completely forward or somewhere in-between. Which ever way they do look at you we think it is adorable! That face when they look at you just melts our hearts and we know it will melt yours too.

pug sees you

silly pug

crazy pug eyes

pug eyes buggin out

pug tounge

pug will get you

relaxing pug

baby pug eyes

silly pug

pug birthday look

Barking Out!

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