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Merry April Pug Christmas And Happy Holidays!


Merry Pug Christmas Our Friends!

April Pug loves the holiday season and could not wait for it to be Christmas. All the gift giving, holiday feasts, and giving thanks, what more could a pug ask for?

Oh yes, the treats and lots of pug snackies!! Well, of course those thoughts are running through her mind all year long, but besides that; April Pug loves to dress up and share her holiday spirit with all of her friends and loved ones.

April Pug decided that who else better to be this year for Christmas than good ol’ Santa Pug! Spreading love and cheer to all as well as staying nice and cozy this holiday season.

You all might be thinking, well what about April’s brother Sir Eddie? Did he join in on the fun? Well of course he did! Sir Eddie decided to be a reindeer to guide April’s slay.

We hope you enjoy all of the fun pictures of April Pug’s photo-shoot and have a Happy Holidays!










Here’s a little behind the scenes video of April Pug and Sir Eddie’s Photo Shoot:

Merry Christmas all my loves, From April Pug and Family!

  • Valarie Delbridge December 25, 2014, 11:10 pm

    What a wonderful photo shoot! Santa April Pug and Reindeer Eddie ROCKED it! <3

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