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April’s Bath Day Pampering

april pug cute costume

April pug was in need of a bath and what better day then today to give her some pampering! You have got to see the pictures and videos, she is too cute and you would not even know she is a senior!

Pugs New Set Of Wheels!

april pug wheels

April pug got her new set of wheels in the mail today. A friend of ours was so nice to donate one that they had to us. Watch her as she takes her first steps.

What’s In The Pug Box?

pug box

What could be in the huge over-sized box? It just came in the mail for our April Pug. When you see what it is you will all be amazed!

Pug gets her nails done!

pug back nails after trim

Its that time again, the dreaded pug nail trim!!! Check out the before and after photo’s as well as a short video. Enjoy!

Holly Pug Feature

holly pug dog

Have you met our featured friend Holly Pug? If you haven’t this is a pug story you must hear! Join us on getting to know the pug they call Holly.

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