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Pug gets her nails done!

pug back nails after trim

April Pug gets pampered with a nail trim.

April may be a pug, but these days when it comes to the dreaded nail trim you would think otherwise. I am able to clip and dremel her nails with ease. I know it comes down to her older age where she just does not care anymore. Lucky for both me and her as I do it super fast and let her go on her way.

If only I had videos of her in the past you would see such a drastic difference. She used to hate and boy do I mean hate getting her nails done!! I was always told that pugs hated getting their nails trimmed but I thought, oh yeah what dog LIKES getting their nails trimmed anyways? Well yes, for some reason it seems, or at least in my experience with the breed, that they all HATE getting their nails done. Why do you ask? I still cannot answer this question to this day, maybe genetics?

Anyways, from the very beginning with April I would just touch her feet, yes just touch them and she would go crazy. I mean really come on right? But yes, I would touch or hold her feet and she would bite me as if the world was going to end and I was a piece of meat. As she got older the biting got more and her struggle to get away became much stronger. Luckily I dealt with it and never gave up on her. It was like hey, these nails are going to get trimmed and you can’t stop me crazy pug!!

Slowly but surely her struggle with me began to fade. I am not sure of what age it was exactly, I’m thinking around 13 years when she truly just gave up. I thought to myself this is a miracle, the heavens have opened and my pug is letting me do this? Amazing!

From here she has let me touch, hold, trim, and dremel her nails and no struggle at all. She just sits there and let me trim each one by one then dremel them down to make sure they are smooth. Did I say amazing? Oh yes, but seriously I am so happy that I cannot even express that she lets me do this now.

Today was the usual nail trim for April pug. I laid down the blanket to catch all the trimmings and clipped them all one by one. I did not get the quick on ANY of them, and after that, continued with the dremel to smooth out the rough edges. Below are the before and after photo’s and I included a short video of the progress after the trim. I hope you all enjoy!

Before April Pug’s nail trim:

pug nails before trim

pug back nails before trim

After April Pug’s nail trim:

pug nails after trim

pug back nails after trim

The pug nail struggle is real. Don’t think that every day I remember how much April used to fight me to get her nails trimmed. For those that are still dealing with the pug nail dilemma, I am right there with you. Any tips, tricks, or pointers that you may need from me I am her to help out in any way possible! But always be hopeful and remember, one day you may wake up and reach the clippers as I did and your sweet pug lets you clip away! My heart is with you all, happy clippings!

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