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Senior Pug Love

senior pug close up

Senior pugs are adorable!

I do not just love senior pugs because I own one myself, I think that they are adorable and the way their face changes truly shows age. I remember when my senior pug April had a full on black face and slowly it has changed over to a white/gray. Being able to witness this and be a part of a senior pugs life is amazing. I would not change it for anything in the world and hope to give seniors the appreciation they deserve. They are as precious and loving as their puppy co-parts, but of course with more wisdom and soul.

Let’s hear it for senior pugs and love them just as much (or even more then the puppy of the same breed). We love seniors and hope you do too!

senior pug ears

senior pug puppy

senior pug eyes

black senior pug

senior pug kiss

senior pug bed

senior pug bunny

Barking out!

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