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Sir Eddie-February Feature

sir eddie dog

Sir Eddie is February’s featured pet.

Eddie is a chihuahua min-pin mix that was born February 10th, 2008. His mother was the chihuahua and his father was the minpin. When Sir Eddie was born, the family that had him already had 5 dogs, which posed a problem. The landlords saw that they had over the limit of amount of pets to reside at their home. Frantically they had to decide what to do with these now three other puppy dogs from the litter. It was posted on facebook that these pups needed a home asap otherwise they could do nothing except to bring them to the pound. I saw this tragedy and knew that I had to do something about it. I asked about Eddie and how I’d love to take him in and that was that!

Eddie at first was a very shy dog. He would hide behind anything imaginable and ‘hiss’. Luckily for myself, it only took him about a day to get used to me. I cannot say that at all for any others that he soon encountered. He would do the same thing, bark, hiss, run and hide all the time when meeting strangers. He was definitely not sociable and I knew that I could change this in him. Slowly I would introduce him to people, other dogs, and he started to actually act happy.

Today Eddie is a 6 year old happy dog who actually acts like a ‘dog’. (He would not play fetch or have anything to do with toys when I first got him. Now he is a changed dog who loves to play!) He is owned my myself and my husband and has his loving wonderful sister April the pug to play with!

Why Feature Sir Eddie?

Eddie has dealt with a lot in the years before I had him to where he is now. He has grown so much and you will see his spunk in this video. He loves to dance and will stand on two feet for a very long time. It is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Watch as this cute little dog does the Cha-Cha as if it were nothing! Very impressive Sir Eddie.

Eddie is the featured pet this month for his poise, attitude, and absolutely cute face. He’s been through a lot, and now it is time to celebrate along with him. He has stolen our hearts, and we hope he melts yours as well.

Barking out!

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