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Story Of Monkie The Pug!

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Monkie’s story is heart-wrenching and inspiring!

We wanted to feature Monkie the pug so that her story could be shared and heard. Once I myself read her story I honestly had to hold back my tears. Even now as I write this I am teary eyed. Once you read her story for yourself you will understand why. I am so happy that Monkie’s mom did what she did for her and took her into her home. This is a wonderful story of love for a pug that was left unwanted but became the heart of a family. Below is her story and a picture gallery for all to see. We love you Monkie!!

monkie spring

The story of Monkie:

Monkie’s story begins in July 2013; the night when she placed in a box and discarded on the front steps of a local shelter in Va. How long she had been in the box was anyone’s guess: what they do know is that she was left there after hours (6pm) and was not found until 11:00 am, when staff arrived to start the day.

Upon looking in the box, the staff immediately knew that she was in trouble. She was over-heated, lethargic, loaded with fleas, and her eye was infected. They immediately took Monkie to their medical ward and the process to save her life began.

Along with the above medical issues it was found that she was severely anemic; to the point that they did not think she would live. They immediately started her on IV fluids, treated her for fleas and the parasites that came with them (hook and tape worms) and waited to see if she would respond. I was told by her main care-giver that if she had not responded, that they were going to give her a blood transfusion. They knew that she was a fighter and had a will to live, with all her problems, along with the heat, the odds were against her that night. She really should not have survived, but she did.

It wasn’t long before Monkie started to respond and she became a staff favorite. Her doctors started treating her for the infection in her eye, once that cleared up, and she was strong enough, she underwent surgery to remove her eye. Next came surgery to remove two mammary tumors. The biopsy report confirmed that they were cancerous. Her last surgery was being spayed. Even though this is a common surgery: for Monkie any sedation can be live threatening, as she does not do well with it. Again, this little girl wanted to live.

Monkie endured a month of medical treatment and was finally cleared to be placed on the adoption floor. She was a popular pup, having many people inquire about her, along with meets and greets. However, no one wanted her. She was being judged on her physical imperfections, age (between 7-10 years), and possible future medical issues.

Monkie was in the adoption unit for another month. During her third week, a friend of mine sent me her adoption photo. I immediately fell in love with her. I sent an e-mail to the shelter, along with photos of my house and pictures of my other furbabies: past and present. I knew it was a long shot, but I took the chance. I was surprised to receive a call from the shelter the next day, and then the day after and the day after that! The last call, I explained that I wanted her and that I would be up early Saturday morning to come get her, that is if she was still available.

I called them Friday evening and she was still there. That evening Jim and I drove half way to the shelter and stayed in a hotel. We got up the next morning and arrived at the shelter 15 minutes after they opened. My heart sunk when I saw a couple with a pug, and said oh, I think she got adopted. At that time, I asked the man if that was Monkie, that I would like to meet her. His reply to me, was “No, they just took her to the back, we changed our mind.” I went directly to the counter, gave them my name and said I was there to pick her up. Of course we had to do a meet and greet. They brought her out, and we took her to the court yard. One look and we could tell that her spirit was breaking. She really did not have anything to do with us, and who could blame her? I am sure she was thinking, “yeah, they wil talk me, talk to me, and then I will go back into my cage.” During this time, we did get her to eat some treats, but other than that, she wasn’t having anything to do with us. That didn’t matter to me. Together, Jim, Monkie and I walked to the counter and said we are taking her.

We got her a collar and lead, and preceded to do her paperwork. We weren’t quite done with it, when a volunteer walked through the door, and the first thing she said was “Oh my god, Monkie is getting adopted!” Come to find out, she had decided to adopt Monkie because she saw the changes in her, and as she stated “I couldn’t take it any longer.”

Monkie was unsure about what was happening when she came to live with us. However, every day she blossomed, and continues to do so. I often look at her adoption picture and I can see how much her facial expression has changed. One can tell how happy she is.

Monkie is not perfect: she will run after silver SUV’s, and bikes: we don’t know why. She also has a bad habit of knocking over small trash cans. We just make sure they are out of reach.

She does have some medical issues: she has two more mammary tumors that I am watching (per her vet). Due to her reaction to sedation, removal will not be done until necessary. A week after adoption, I realized that she still had worms: hook and tape. It took 6 treatments (3 different meds) to rid her of them. She has since gained weight. I used medicated shampoo on her (as she has itchy skin), and we had dealt with ear infections. Nothing too major and easily treated.

Monkie is a blessing. She doesn’t hold grudges, loves everyone, and happy just to be a part of a family. Monkie was an unwanted pup who was constantly rejected by those who visited her at the shelter. However, I cannot tell you how many people have asked me where I got her, and some have offered to give her a home!

-Monkies Mom.

Click on the photo’s to enlarge and to move through the entire gallery. Enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed Monkie’s story as much as I did! Be sure to check out her FB page for the latest and greatest HERE to see how she’s doing! Please give her love and share this for others to learn her story. Monkie’s story has truly moved me and I hope you all fall in love with this wonderful pug just as I did!

Barking out!

  • Manuel Sanchez March 24, 2014, 6:06 pm

    I just love her story, not because of the bad things that happened to her, buy because she found the perfect forever home for her and her family!! We adopted a 7-9 y.o. Bichon Frise who looked like a starved rat, no teeth, completely shaved to fight a flea infestation an almost emaciated, naturally nobody wanted to adopt her. Now, with her pretty dresses fluffy hair everybody wants her! 😀

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